Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 16 – Spring-A-Ding-Fling Review

ImageThere’s a few different things going on within the Pritchett/Dunphy faction this week. Mitch has a new job, Cam is putting on the dance at his high school, Phil enlists Hayley to go with him as he hosts an award show (the SCARB) and Jay and Gloria have to do some parenting/grand-parenting on Lily.

ImageMitchell has a nightmare at his new job. Everything points to his new boss Wendy (Aisha Tyler) being a proper tyrant. There’s notes in the desk saying run, Mitch overhears some gossip and connects it to her and when she asks him to look after Rex, who he mistakes for the dog, he’s had enough. He confronts her and it all goes wrong and he’s left fearing for his job on day 1. Cam has been replaced as the funny guy in the staff room by Senor Caplan, who’s returned from a sabbatical.

ImageImagePhil doesn’t have any better luck himself. He goes through more wardrobe changes than anyone should need to, and he puts on a proper song and dance while hosting the ceremony. He takes a tumble when dressed as a lady, and is unable to continue. He wins the final, and biggest award, and when he can’t give an acceptance speech, Hayley does it for him. Does Hayley surprise you anymore? She rocked it and not only did her dad proud, but she cracked so many jokes up there I’m beginning to think she should turn to stand-up.


Lily won’t admit that she broke Gloria’s phone, and blames it on Jo. They’re skeptical because Jo is nowhere near tall enough to have done it while he’s crawling around. There’s another incident and when Lily says that Jo did it again, Jay and Gloria see the baby footprints and know something’s wrong. Jo can’t walk. Lily disagrees, and in a huge turn of luck she gets Jo to walk. We then see how she sets the whole thing up, culminating in her saying that she’ll blame everything on Jo until he can talk.

ImageClaire’s meddling way too much, and she’s actually trying to set Luke and Alex up at the dance. Luke and his friend Ronda are pretty obviously in love, but play around like kids do, throwing mud at each other and wrestling around in the garden. Alex hangs out with a friend of hers at home, and when Claire learns that they’re going to the dance together she’s on it. She even tells him that Phil and her won’t be home, so she’d appreciate it if he’d wait with Alex (in the completely empty house) until they got back. Hint, hint!


The shining moment of the week was Hayley on stage cracking jokes and ripping the back out of all of Phil’s competing realtors. Good on you gurl! Keep doing your thing and you’ll prove them all wrong!!


The Ninja


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