Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 15 – #THINMAN Review

Picture 22Urban legends nowadays are more like online legends. This time, Sam and Dean decide to go catch a killer on the lose. What appears to be a ‘killer ghost’ with no face, turns out to be a celebrity of its own online. Thinman kills you after he appears on your selfie, video, etc..or so it seems, so .. brace yourselves..Picture 18

This episode had a guest appearance of the ever so annoying Ghostfacers, or whatever’s left of them. Sam and Dean told them to leave, but obviously they were there to catch Thinman too, while filming everything in the process. After nine seasons of knowing Sam and Dean, it’s not difficult for the audience to pick sides. Ghostfacers seem to be the ‘pick of the day’ when the writers come up with a ridiculous script. ‘Hey hmmm I have this idea about a hashtag, and I think we need the ghostfacers because it can’t work otherwise’. Cringey.

Picture 19

Anyhow, Sam and Dean go in search of this ‘killer’. There is really not much not say apart from the standard 1,2,3 of Supernatural’s filling episodes:

1. Sam and Dean go to find the ‘creature’

2. Sam and Dean get kidnapped/trapped by whatever the creature/supernatural being is.

3. Whoever guest stars in the filling episode will end up saving them.

So, in order to redeem the Ghostfacers, after Sam and Dean get kidnapped, the other two come to the rescue and save the day.

It was a human version of a Scooby-Doo episode. The Thinman was something that one of the Ghostfacers created to become popular online (standard, aghhh) and so his mate didn’t know and forced him to go searching for it. Some chubby, young cop and his skinny partner were the ones doing the dressing up (like I said, in Scooby-Doo style) and took Sam and Dean to kill them. Unfortunate though, they were the ones who ended up busted. Guess they didn’t really know who they were messing with.

Picture 23

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