The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 16 – Goldbergs Never Say Die Review

ImageThis week was all things Goonies!! The guys at The Goldbergs gave us a throwback to The Goonies through Adam, who obviously loves the shiz out of it. He even pulled out the truffle shuffle! When we weren’t losing it over how amazing The Goonies was, we were seeing the Goldbergs doing what they do best, having a good old family feud! Beverley and Pops fight over Bev’s mum’s jewellery, and Barry and Erica have got some scheming of their own to do.

ImageAfter seeing how hard Adam’s nerding out about the Goonies, his brother and sister pull a lil prank on him. They plant evidence to make it look like there’s a treasure hunt to be had, and lead Adam right to it. When they go up to the attack, Adam finds a map, and in it he finds an excuse to kick off an adventure of his own. It comes to an end pretty quickly, and Adam, having involved all his friends, is made to look stupid. Good old Barry, huh!? Adam retaliates and in doing the 80s equivalent of embarrassing your siblings online, he sends out videos of them both doing some compromising stuff.

ImagePops and Beverley have a fight of their own about Bev’s mom’s jewellery, and when Pops realises he can’t find it, he sends Adam and his gang on a real adventure. Even though he wasn’t talking to Barry and Erica, he still went and told them, and they all got involved. At this point, while the kids look for the jewels, Murray helps Pops budget his life in a better way than he’s used to. After the initial shock of only three massages a week, Pops gets used to the idea. He’s stopped buying everyone’s food and drinks, and instead took his family out.  The jewellery finds it way to Bev, after Adam and his buddies discover it, she’s relaxed. Pops even owns up to losing them!

It amazes me how much the kids can fight and still put up with each other, but I suppose if that’s not being siblings, what is?

The Ninja


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