Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 15 – Happy Bert Day Review

Picture 24

It’s Bert’s Birthday!!!

After reading 100 books, Bert reminds his dad he owes him the party of the century. Brad, being the lawyer he is, was kind enough to even draft a contract back then. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting for Bert to keep his word, but he had no choice but to agree to the party.

Jackie was in charge of sorting it all out, but because Kate is trying to mingle with the other mums, she takes over all the preparations. She came up with the most over the top Aladdin party any kid could possibly want. She does tend to be quite creative, so it was fun to see her trying to look for approval that for once didn’t come from Jackie or Diane.

Picture 26

Diane and Brad go to the bakery to get a new cake for Bert. They get caught speeding, so when the police stops Diane’s car, she fake’s that Brad is having a heart attack. They even had police escort! It was hilarious and just proves that Diane is not as tight and stuck up as she might seem.

Picture 28

Kate’s feelings are shattered when she hears the other mums think she’s a stripper. After confronting one of the mums in the guest bathroom (as you do, during a children’s party), the woman tells her it was Jackie.

After Jackie gets a piece of Kate’s mind, she ends up solo. Kate is talking to the other mums, now that she’s scandal free, but unfortunately the joy didn’t last long. She ended up kicking them out of her house because she couldn’t stand their bitchiness towards Jackie. Goes to show that family is family regardless of how crazy they are.

Picture 30

The twins were fighting over a boy. Hilary likes a dancer/surfer kid, while Warren wants him to be his new best friend. Those two are always fighting.

Bert did a little dance and it was all cute and fun. Kate’s party turned out to be a success!

Picture 32


The Ninja’s Assistant


The host from the Bachelor and Bert’s ice cream wishes lolz




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