Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 7 – The Bet Review

ImageThis was one of my least favourite episodes of Baby Daddy. I get that a show can’t just churn out great episodes one after another but this type of filler episode is bound to make people angry. Bonnie had to reel in the comedy moments all by herself this week, because the rest of the plot was a bit silly.

ImageRiley, having spent a full episode bitching about Heather gets into a bet with Ben about whether he can get her to go out with him again. He’s got two days to pull it off, and so he sets to work quickly. When he gets Heather to agree, Riley stops him to say that she’s still in love with him. After he’s had under a minute to process it, Heather comes in and they reveal that they’ve been playing with him this whole time. Mmmm ‘kay. Not sure about that one. Last week Riley couldn’t stand her and now they’re buds? I’m lost.

ImageBonnie meets and older gentleman in the same hospital where Brad is recovering from an accident. Bon-Bon agrees to go out with Jim, and prays that she can get around her dating Brad. She’s going to break up with him, so she ain’t feeling too bad. Danny even goes to try and break up with him on his mom’s behalf, but fails miserably.  Bonnie goes out with Jim, and when Brad shows up it’s all going wrong. Jim’s his dad! She’s busted and they both end up walking out on her. She just can’t get a break!

ImageThe one good thing about the direction the show is heading in is that it’s becoming less about Ben and more about all the other people in his life. The other characters are getting more screen time and it’s working. I never would have said this show would have gone into a third season when I first watched it, so kudos, because now I really do love it!

The Ninja


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