Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 1 Episode 19 – Tactical Village Review

ImageThis week the guys hit the Tactical Village! The Nine – Nine have never had a good run on the tactical course and this year they’re going after the time record. Peralta’s got his own competition to win…The coolest kill. He’s come close before and is determined to put that behind him, and take home the trophy.

ImageGina gets Captain Holt addicted to Kwazy Cupcakes, an iOS game that looks a lot like Bejewelled. He busts her playing at first, and then gets hooked himself. She ends up finding Holt hiding away in the bathroom stall playing around with the Cupcakes. We’ve all been there, Capt, you ain’t the only one! Nice to see these two bond some more!

Rosa’s pissed (what a surprise) that she’s not invited to Boyle’s wedding. At first Boyle lets her believe that Vivien has a problem with it, but when the team have a drink after the Tactical Village, the truth comes out. Vivien tells her that it was Boyle who said that Rosa’s going to be away the week of the wedding, and Viv had no problem with it at all. Interesting!

ImageImageThe team break the record, but not before Peralta gets jealous of an officer that took Amy out. Inspired by hearing this news, Jake decides it’s time to ask Amy out for himself. By the time he gets around to it she’s heading out again with Teddy, and Peralta genuinely seemed crushed by it. They’ve been playing up to them getting together for a long time, and they probably need to do it sooner than later, before it gets annoying and people begin to care less.

Nice to see the team bond as a group!

The Ninja


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