Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 17 – Persuasion Review

Picture 35It’s always a good episode when the team heads to Las Vegas. The house of fun turns into the house of crime and the BAU is left to put the pieces together. Las Vegas is also Reed’s hometown, so it’s always a plus for the team to have a ‘local’ as one of them.

It was a trip to the dark side of Vegas. Dead bodies keep showing up and it’s up to the team to go searching on the underground tunnels. Unfortunately, the search is way too wide, so it takes a bit of digging to find out exactly what is going on.

Finn, a young man goes in search of his sister. At a diner, he meets a local entertainer, Marvin. After bonding over muggings and crime, Marvin takes the young man to the tunnels. There, he meets a group of homeless people who work together and use techniques to rob tourists.

All the members of the ‘club’ have to be vouched for by someone else, so when Marvin vouched for Finn, there were no questions asked. Everyone is terrified of ‘the doctor’. Nobody knows who he is exactly, but apparently he is in charge.

Picture 36

Picture 37

Obviously, this Doctor has something to do with all the dead people.

As it turns out, members of the group are not always willing to stay. When this happens, the Doctor strikes and that’s how dead bodies appear. Finn knows nothing, or so it seems, but this episode is so much about mind tricks that even the audience gets dragged into it.

A journalist called Sarah, is writing a story about the tunnels, so when she sneaks in, Finn vouches for her. It wasn’t long until she was caught, so Cesar, one of the team members put her down. Finn saves her and runs into the tunnels as Cesar is arrested.

Picture 39

Cesar was hypnotised by Reed, who discovered the Dr’s identity was actually Marvin! Meanwhile, he’s busy trying to convince Finn to murder the poor girl, and in a twist of events, Finn pulls out a gun. Tun Tun!

He knew that his sister was living in the tunnels, and he knew that Marvin had forced one of the members to kill her. The man is a master manipulator, it was scary to watch.

Happy endings overall, and perhaps afterwards the team went to blow off steam at the blackjack table.

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