Helix – Season 1 Episode 10 – Fushigi Review

Picture 47

Say what?!

Another day goes by in the facility, and so do the trouble and the secrets. After Jules got slammed with the hard truth, it’s hard for her to cope with her own existence. Hatake, being a normal father has been documenting all of his daughter’s accomplishments (awards, etc) but everyone sees it as harassment. 

Alan goes to confront him and obtains some very vague answers. Hatake did help them figure out who had taken the virus, and where. Turns out there is an old facility/warehouse/creepy place where it’s likely the Ilaria peeps will be waiting to collect what they think is theirs.

The facility is quite far away, but that didn’t stop Jules and Alan from driving away. Hatake stays with Sarah to try and find a cure. Sarah was the only nice person to Hatake during the whole episode. The man is used to his standard daily abuse by everybody, but Sarah pointed out how his decisions might not have been ethical, but they did save millions. She told the story of some kid that Hatake injected with smallpox. The kid almost died, but Hatake saved him and therefore, revolutionised vaccination.

Picture 45

He tells her to keep looking, and now that she’s dying, she’s desperate. She ends up injecting herself with Julia’s spine fluid with the hopes of survival and well… she dead.. or so it seems. In this show nothing is ever certain..

When Jules and Adam get to the facility they meet a crazy guy with silver eyes who has been trapped there for a long time. Years, many many years of just living there. Eventually he kills himself, and Ilaria killed the scientist who had stolen the virus.

Peter has also been making his rounds. Unfortunately he talks incomprehensible rubbish. It’s more like a consistent groan.. Anyway, yeah he was there, stealing pictures of Jules..

Picture 50

Hatake greets Jules and Alan with the news that Sarah is pretty much about to die. When they asked him about the man they saw, he said that there were 500 lovely people with silver eyes. All those people run the Ilaria Corporation!!!!!!!!!

Picture 48

The Ninja’s Assistant



Hatake deserves a chance and I have a feeling he will be the one helping to save the day!


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