Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 6 – About A Boy-Yoi-Yoing Review

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What’s going on here? This show used to be more about how Tessa and George make Chatswin a bit their own, coping with the unknown and learning lessons along the way. Now it’s all about spoon-fed doses of our favourite characters and a lot of judgement.

This episode Tessa and George are trying to keep to themselves. They know the population of Chatswin tends to go a bit crazy with their events (like the twerk-a-thon), so they’d rather stay at home eating cereal. 

The next day in school Tessa gets invited to Evan’s birthday party. Evan is the nerdy kid who used to fancy Dalia and Tessa and pretty much everyone. He’s only inviting Lisa, Malik and Tessa, so he needs a confirmation ASAP. Tessa did make the point that ‘parties were optional’, and politely declined the invitation.

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After some criticism from Malik and Lisa, she still stands with her decision. Evan wants her to go so badly that every excuse she’s made up (study, handing in a paper, a last min exam) have been fixed by Evan. The perks of being a studious dedicated student I suppose.

The day of the dinner Tessa talks out loud about how much she doesn’t like Evan and in the end he hears everything. He skips school the next day and when she tries to go and apologise, he tricks her into grabbing her ass. He recorded the whole thing as evidence!

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George in the meantime becomes obsessed with Juices after a new juice bar opens in Chatswin. His addiction gets out of control, so he takes Fred on a day out in New York City. Fred got mugged and they ate a hot dog. A Chatswin Man’s dream! George realised that the city is not that great anymore. He feels more at home in Chatswin, and it’s ok for things to change.

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What truly got to me was that Tessa was just being herself. Yeah she hurt Evan’s feelings, but nowadays people get offended with anything! His birthday might not have been the best place to shout things out loud, but she did decline the first time. After all her good deeds she got ass-grabbed?! WTF?!

Stop supressing Tessaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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