Suits – Season 3 Episode 11 – Buried Secrets Review

ImageSo, we ended the last season on the notes that Rachel was going to stay with Mike, Harvey and Scotty were hooking up and Lewis, in a cruel twist on him getting busy in the Harvard records room, has a peek and finds out that Mike Ross has no official records at Harvard. Knowing how OCD Sheila is, there’s no way this little clerical error is her fault!

ImageBuried Secrets pretty much carried straight on from that. Harvey apparently offered Scotty a job, one that he has to convince Jessica to give away. Jessie ain’t too impressed with Harvey’s behaviour and wants to know exactly why he’s asked for Scotty to work at Pearson Specter.

ImageMike goes up against the lawyer that (in his eyes) took his parents money away from them. He’s holding on to years of anger and this time around it gets the better of him. He blanks out at the deposition and has to rely on Harvey to cover for him. He’s too close to the case and it’s taking a big toll on him.

ImageThe focal point of Buried Secrets was Lewis’ attempt at deciphering how and why Mike has no records. At first he thinks Mike’s a CIA agent. When he’s done with that theory he thinks Mike went to a substandard college and is hiding it behind Harvard. He eventually convinces himself that Mike never went to Harvard. After a brush with Donna it looks like he’s going to finally leave it alone. He gets a copy of Mike’s transcript, and the smallest thing gives it away. Mike has an A+ in a class that is impossible to get higher than an A in. Safe to say Lewis isn’t giving in that easily and is going to chase it down until he finds out what’s going on.

ImageMike is pretty happy with Rachel right now. They’re going to move in together by all accounts, and I’d say it was a good idea if it hadn’t been for their already very turbulent relationship. Mike is (understandably) pretty upset to find out that his dad had been on the beers (but under the limit) the night his parents crashed and died. All’s well in the end, though, because Rachel sets up a night that celebrates their first date, just like Mike’s parents did that night they passed away.

Harvey’s in hot water after Scotty finds out he paid for her to get a position at the firm. Douchey move, Harvster! Just douchey. She feels violated and tells him to stick it.

Good on you, Scotty.

The Ninja


– HAHAHA – when Shiela said to Lewis…”The Dark Knight rises” is reference to lil’ Lewis getting to attention! CLASSIC!


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