The Middle – Season 5 Episode 15 – Vacation Days Review

Picture 63

It’s a tough life in The Middle, but now that Spring Break is here everyone gets a chance at fun and of course, disaster.

Mike is forced to take a few days of paid holiday, and Mike being Mike finds the idea strange. However, after a few beers and a few hours of sitting in the sofa he’s not complaining. Until Brick shows up of course.

Mike forgot that the children would also be on holiday, this means that they will be at home most of the time. Luckily, Sue is full shifts at work in the potato place at the mall, so she’s all booked up. Brick can be a handful, and this time he finds all of his dad’s coupons and decides to put them to good use. Mike is now condemned to a vacation full of scalp massages and tickles.

Picture 62

Sue’s job is going downhill after she discovers Yelp. Someone’s writing bad reviews about her, and she’s determined to make a change. Unfortunately, Sue realises you can’t always please everybody and even if the client is always right, some of them are just assholes.

Picture 65

Axel is having some good old fun with the neighbours instead of his own family. Frankie is pissed off, and after he comes back home she seems to be a bit at ease. One day later, Axel is ready to take off to Florida for the holiday of a lifetime, when karma struck. His car died in the middle of Tennessee, and the only person he called to come to the rescue was his mother. Goes to show that sometimes our families are screwed up, but we have to accept them and get lifts off them.

Picture 66

Mike loses his temper with Brick, but somehow they found a balance in the end. Don’t we all?

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