Elementary – Season 2 Episode 17 – Ears To You Review

Picture 50Holmes is always happy to solve a mystery. When the mystery involves a box with two human, bloody ears, he’s front row.

A violent marriage is what starts it all. A man was convicted after being falsely accused of murdering his wife. He received a box with his wive’s ears inside. Was Sarah alive? It all seemed like a kidnapping that could be sorted with a ransom, but Holmes knew there was more.

Picture 44

After deciding to interview some people at an AA meeting, Holmes recognises the ‘dead woman’. When him and Watson approached her, she told them that her ex was violent, she has a new life, etc. She married a plastic surgeon and she’s sober and happy.

Holmes and Watson discover that the husband had a lover, and surprise, surprise, she was the one who was dead. It was all a plot from Sarah, his wife. She used her plastic surgeon husband to insert two ears, exactly like hers in her back. Once they were ready for removal, she sent them to her ex. The lesson is stay single! Lolz

Picture 47

Picture 49

Lestrade is still staying with Holmes. Watson realises that he’s going down the wrong path. He’s drinking, depressed and he’s lost the desire to do anything. Watson gives him a mugging case to solve to keep him busy, and of course, he solves it!

This made him re-gain his confidence, and in no time he was ready to leave to Ireland for a job with the Irish National Police.

Ironically, he thought the mugging cases were one of Holmes’ tricks to bring him back to life, but it was all Lestrade. Good for him.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Now Lestrade is gone, are Holmes and Watson going to find a new add-on to their team?


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