How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 20 – Daisy Review

ImageIt seems like they’re running out of ideas on HIMYM right now. I’ve been whining about the slowest build up to an event in history, but it’s not going to get any better because we’re still waiting.

ImageAfter Lily bailed on the Farhampton Inn, she’s seen getting in a car at 3am. It was the Captain’s car, and thus starts the mystery of the week. The guys all go off to the Captain’s house to try figure out where she went. Ever since that night Lily’s been acting a little different and Marshall wants to know why.ImageRobin and Lily spend time with Robin’s mom. Robin’s mom is super English (points for that), and she spills the beans on Robin’s dad, who sounds a lot like Barney as a person. The thank you Linus jokes are still running, which was a surprise to me.

ImageTed calls the Mosby boys to action, and thinks he knows what’s going on. Whenever Lily and Marshall fight, the first thing she does is start smoking again. Ted sets off on a theory that she went to but smokes, and went to smoke at the Captain’s house at three o clock in the morning. Pretty dumb theory if you ask me! Because she couldn’t have just gone outside to smoke. There’s obviously something else going on there. Once he figures out the ciggy hiding place, they actually find a pregnancy test. Marshall and Lily are going to have another baby! We see a flash in to the future where they’re living in Italy, and they have a daughter called Daisy.


Silly episode,


The Ninja


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