Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 15 – The Wall Review

Picture 22

Pawnee and Eagleton are at war still, and Leslie is finally getting tired of trying so hard for nothing. However, she isn’t giving up without another fight.

With plans for the Unity Concert going forward and well, Leslie is left to deal with the wall that separates Eagleton and Pawnee. Unfortunately, while the wall was being knocked down, a million bees came out of it and stung half of the attendees. Leslie ends up being grilled by the press, as usual, so she decides to do a good deed without cameras and reporters everywhere. She goes to the hospital to apologise to all those who were stung, but as we all know, the media got the scoop. She was doing a good thing that was just portrayed poorly. When she came back to the office, she met up with a man who ended up offering her a job in Chicago.

Picture 26

While Leslie is dealing with her town problems, Ron is fixing things as usual. His baby, John, is already keeping his dad company, and everyone, including us, was surprised. All the baby attention gets on Ron’s nerves, so he takes his son for a stroll around the building. To make it brief, in good old Ron fashion he ended up taking over a refurbishing job on the third floor. The perks of being good at DIY have finally given him the space of his dreams. Peace, quiet, the baby and a tool box.

Picture 28

Tom and Ben seal a business deal after they try to find sponsorships for the Unity Concert. This leads to disagreements, but eventually the town will have it’s own bistro. Well played Tom!

Picture 27

Leslie got Ron’s advice about the Chicago job. He used radiators as an example of why she should stay. Sometimes we just like fixing things and we can’t just leave them hanging.

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