Perception – Season 2 Episode 12 – Brotherhood Review

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Crime fiction shows nowadays tend to have great characters but the plots can be a let down. However, these are sometimes forgiven because we like the premise of the show so much. Ironically, that’s Perception.

Perception is a show full of potential. There is this brilliant man, who is a bit of an investigator and a bit of a lunatic. Dr Daniel is a great character, always witty and full of surprises. The problem is the writing, the ideas. Every episode starts with him teaching, feeding the audience with fascinating facts about the brain and human behaviour. Sadly, when the FBI comes to ask for his help it’s always lame. It is like recycling plots from other crime shows and just saying ‘yeah, this will do’.

This episode was all about Max, Daniel’s teaching assistant. His younger brother shows up in town, and both Max and Daniel know that something isn’t quite right. Max and Kenny grew up together in foster care, and while Max moved away and followed his dreams, Kenny stayed behind.

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The real reason Kenny was crashing with them was because he’s wanted for the murder of a drug dealer. His best friend, a student with a promising basketball career, is interviewed by the police and he just said Kenny had gone off the wrong path, but they were still best friends.

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The night of the murder, an old chinese man witnessed most of it through a window, but what tied the case together were shoelaces, lol. The killer tied his shoes in a specific way, and it all pointed to Kenny. Turns out it was his best friend who shot the guy and Kenny was paying the price. Friendship huh?

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Max feels bad knowing he never made an effort to contact Kenny after he left foster care, but at the end of it, it’s up to every individual to build it’s own path.

It was boring at times, and it would be interesting to see a bit more puzzles rather than empty conversations.


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