Revenge – Season 3 Episode 14 – Payback Review

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Is Emily going crazy, or is it another Grayson trick to gain control? At this stage, she’s risking to reveal her true identity if she isn’t careful. Living with the enemy and having blackouts can’t be safe. However, Emily is determined to continue her pursuit for Revenge.

This time, Emily is really struggling to keep track of her whereabouts. Thankfully, Nolan calls her up to show her that she didn’t sleep with Conrad. He showed her some CCTV, showing him walking in and out of the room. It is both a sigh of relief, but also a panicking alarm bell that something isn’t quite right. Standard really.

Victoria however, is dealing with her own emotional problems. Patrick burnt the gallery down ‘by accident’, and conveniently, the contractor sent to fix it is Patrick’s father. Understandably, the kid wants answers, and knowing his mother, it just shows he doesn’t truly trust her. Seeing this man really puts Victoria on edge, and that’s something that doesn’t happen often.

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To be honest, he wasn’t the only one to make Victoria nervous. Stevie Grayson, Conrad’s first wife is in town. She got a call from Emily to help her handle her divorce. However, this was just another one of Emily’s episodes and she doesn’t want to divorce Daniel just yet. Stevie sticks around long enough to tell Jack she’s his mother and to make a deal with Conrad. She is now the owner of Grayson Manor.

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Emily ends up rescuing Aidan from a very enraged Niko. She was ready to kill him, but since two are better than one, she’s the one who ended up packing and leaving for good. Does this mean her and Aidan are back together?

The magazine is another never ending source of issues. Margot is pissed off with Conrad because he always takes over everything (duh), and Daniel finds a job for Charlotte within the publication. This is all so she can find information on what Conrad is planning.

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Victoria loses her marbles completely when she sees Mr Brennan aka Patrick’s dad at the gallery. They start to argue and after some heated words Patrick hit him and he was dead. Victory for Victoria I suppose..

So what’s next? All the memory loss will eventually take it’s toll and Emily will be in deeper trouble than ever. However, she needs to put Daniel down. He has become as nasty as his mother, and Patrick, well it’s only a matter of time until he goes off the deep end.

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