The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 17 – Balle, Balle Review

Picture 15

Now that Larry and Jackie have jobs, they are official members of human society. This time, they get invited to an indian wedding. Unlike their very popular neighbors, Debbie and Marty are struggling because their children find them boring. The combination of events led to a very surprising ending.

Since the kids have ‘plans’, Marty and Debbie decide to go for a picnic. All their efforts to be cool have been shut down by their children and they’re desperate to bond with them. Naturally, they end up having the picnic at home, by themselves. It truly broke their hearts to see their three kids in Amber’s room bonding over Max’s volcano. It was awesome and they were not a part of it. The kids were honest and confessed that parents are not supposed to be fun, parents are supposed to look after you. This of course, put Marty and Debbie at ease.

Picture 12

Their next door neighbors were too busy brainstorming gift ideas for the wedding. They came up with a massive parade with a mixture of all sorts of trends, colours, acrobats,etc. It was just plain wrong!

In despair, the Birds go searching for the Weavers. It took some convincing, but everyone headed to the wedding in the best Bollywood style parade! Songs and all! It was fun, but it took a lot from the usual jokes we all like to hear. It was different, no doubt, but it seemed like it was more fun for the actors and crew than for the actual audience.

Did I mention the wedding was actually native american? Lolz

Picture 19

That volcano explosion looked amazing, and not surprisingly, Larry can pull off any outfit! It’s incredible!

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