The Originals – Season 1 Episode 15 – Le Grand Guinol Review

ImageOk, can someone explain to me what’s really going on here? After fourteen episodes of no sibling issues, there’s plenty to deal with in Le Grand Guinol. When Elijah plunged the blade into Klaus’ chest I, for one, was pretty darn shocked. Everything did feel a little too relaxed and comfortable amongst the original family, so I guess it was just time to kick off.

ImageCamille is brought in by Elijah to let Klaus feed because she’s laced with vervain too. We’re given a flashback of when Mikael came to kill Klaus way back when, and now that we’ve seen what Rebekah and Marcel caused, it’s no surprise they’re packing their bags to jump ship. Elijah wants her to leave because the minute Niklaus is fit to walk, he’ll stop at nothing now to put Rebekah in a box, permanently. He eventually does recover enough and digs out his white oak stake and charges off to find his sister.

ImageHayley’s got Sabine tied up, and wants an end to the curse that’s plagued her family for years. Elijah can’t have that, though, and he strolls in only to steal Sabine away from the post she’s tied to. Elijah knows that if he kills Celeste all her power will seep back into the earth, but he’s not bothered and kills her anyway, which brings Davina back from the dead. Not before Hayley gets a cure though, can’t let anything happen to poor Hayley.

ImageThe episode was a bit slow, and focused more on back story than anything else. For a while there The Originals had me going, thinking that they’d leave inter sibling related issues to one side, but I guess I was wrong. What makes the show is the relationships between the remaining originals, and how they’re all affected by having dealt with each other for centuries.


Next week’s going to get ugly by the looks of it. We’re left on the cliffhanger that Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are about to put the gloves on and throw down.


The Ninja



-Will Klaus kill Rebekah?

-Where’s Marcel in the final showdown?

-Is anyone even watching TVD?


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