The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 15 – Gone Girl Review

Picture 31

At last! When we thought Katherine was never ever going to leave, her end finally came and it wasn’t pretty.

Nadia was bitten by Tyler, which means that she’s dying. For once, we got to see Katherine in the mother role, looking after her little girl. These scenes were combined with flashbacks of when Nadia was searching for her mother, and all she had to go through to finally find her.

Now that everybody knows that Elena is in fact Katherine, they figure out a way to expel her once and for all from their lives. They need to stab her with a travelers knife, and it isn’t going to be an easy task.

After failed attempts to lure Katherine to the group, Stefan finally takes Nadia to his house. Damon who is now free to wander around, goes and murders Wes, before he could come up with a cure for Nadia. This has Katherine pissed, so she comes up with her standard plan B.

Bonnie also needs a plan B, so she asks that witch from her school to give her a hand again. She has the hot’s for Jeremy, so she agrees and helps them with the whole spell front of the plan.

She shows up at the Salvatore residence to say goodbye to Nadia, and after they finally managed to stab her (it was Stefan, burn) she still had the cheekiness to stay around and talk nasty. That wasn’t all, she injected herself with one of Wes’ concoctions. So, poor Elena is now doomed. Again…

Picture 35

Matt decided it was best to bury Nadia in a nice place. After all, the poor girl spent her whole life looking for her mother, who turned out to be a douche.

Sigh.. Will this ever be over?

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