Being Human US – Season 4 Episode 9 – Too Far, Fast Forward! Review

Picture 29

Poor Sally. Even in different timelines, she always dies. Now she’s dead again and Aidan is truly devastated. I mean, they were in love and it was just intense. So Sally has to explain that she doesn’t get a door, etc..

After the incident Sally is still stuck in that timeline, and in order to return she needs to find the one and only Donna. It’s always fun to have her come and go, but this time it seemed like a bit much. Donna was supposed to be gone already, so bringing her back is just going around in circles with the plot.

Aidan hates Josh, but Sally doesn’t. However, in this timeline things are very very different. Aidan is stealing way too many blood bags, and Nora knows. Nora can’t say anything because she’s popping pills like it’s the 4th of July and Aidan is blackmailing her. Tsk, tsk.. Josh at least works in a coffee shop, but can’t even talk to girls because he is traumatised about being a wolf.

Picture 27

Josh gets infected with the vampire virus, so Aidan comes to the rescue and gives his blood. Aww. Sally finds Donna and after Donna agrees to send her back, it was go time. Donna has no choice but to help because her and Sally are linked.

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Picture 31

When Sally was sent back she had to witness a bit of the future, where she sees Aidan killing Josh.

Now she’s back to where she belongs, the night when Robbie died. She’s back and the biggest price she paid is that Aidan will never remember what happened between them.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Why make her go to a different timeline if there is already so much going on in this one? There was no necessity for it. There is already Suzanna, Kenny, Lil Smokie, come on give us something!

Will Aidan remember their epic love story?


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