New Girl – Season 3 Episode 19 – Fired Up Review

Picture 47

The dynamic of the show is changing once again. Now Coach is the PE teacher at the same school where Jess works. In the meantime, Nick and Winston are helping Schmidt to move all of his stuff to storage.

The guys start to pack the stuff when a kind stranger walks in and mistakes the house for a shop. Something falls and he ends up breaking his arm and suing Schmidt. This was a good opportunity to see Nick’s lawyer skills. They might be rusty, but that witty comeback is still there. He shows up to Schmidt’s deposition and puts up a whole show in front of the other lawyers. It’s safe to say it took a while, but he nailed it!

Picture 51

Picture 50

Coach gives Jess some motivation to ask for the Vice Principal promotion. Once she gets it, the principal asks her to work with the school budget. He forces her to fire a few people, and that included Coach.

Everyone was mad at her, even herself. It’s always a very Jess thing to feel guilty and then go back and fix it, so she comes up with more ideas to give Coach his job back. He truly belongs there and the kids like him, so it’s a win-win situation.

Picture 49

Cece was caught flirting with a guy that came to the bar. He’s 20 years old, but that didn’t stop him from asking her out. Hopefully she will say yes and get a bit of a cougar fling.

Picture 52

The Ninja’s Assistant


Coach working at the school was a great idea. However, Winston is still floating around. He needs to stop being everyone’s sidekick and take control for once!

Lady typist reading back the conversation. Lol.


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