Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 23 – Unbridled Review

Picture 35

Social events are always a must in Pretty Little Liars, and a wedding auction seems like the type of event Rosewood people attend. Spencer was running through the woods in a wedding dress, and after she saw someone, it was time to go back 48 hrs.

The girls are discussing how creepy Mrs DiLaurentis truly is, and not long after they see Jason out and about. Spencer tries to make contact, but he plainly ignored everyone. This is just another reason to doubt the DiLaurentis family.

Hanna’s mum is organising along with Mrs D a charity wedding auction. In a clever move Hanna offers to help out with modeling some of the dresses, and so she calls the girls. Perfect chance to figure out what’s going on. After the police shows up with a warrant at the DiLaurentis residence, Mrs D goes crazy, but it’s too late, they are going to dig Ali or whoever is in the grave, out. At least they had the decency to go and let her know, lolz.

Turns out Spencer’s sponsor didn’t last long. After a long night of reading, he got busted sleeping in the sofa with Spencer. Her mum wasn’t pleased, so he had to say goodbye. Spencer confronted her mum about that summer she can’t remember and once again got shut down. Alison saw Spencer’s mum and not long after, Alison went missing. Poor Spencer, it all keeps pointing to her, at least in the eyes of her family.

Picture 34

At the wedding show Jason tells Spencer that his mum doesn’t trust her. (As if it wasn’t obvious). Dean shows up to the show to say goodbye to Spencer and spills the beans that the rehab clinic where Jason was supposed to be, has been closed for two years. Where has Jason been all this time?!

Spencer goes to the woods to see if she spots any action. She sees Mrs D handing a suitcase to someone, as usual just shadows in the dark. Alison calls the girls and tells them to not say anything to her mother, so once again, no one can be trusted.

Picture 37

Before the charity event, Hanna warned her mum to be careful with her boss. Funny enough Ashley ends up finding a bag of brand new clothes for a girl. Perhaps those clothes ended in the suitcase Spencer saw.

Picture 33

Emily and Paige break up, Hanna is trying to get a second chance with Travis and Aria is still broken hearted. However, her mum is back in town and engaged, so at least some wedding distractions are not too bad of a choice.

The Ninja’s Assistant


What the hell is going on? Perhaps it’s time for Ezra to join in and give some input on his Mrs DiLaurentis theory.


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