Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 22 – De-Void Review

Picture 20

Within chaos there is always a tiny bit of hope. However, when the team is divided and fighting each other for survival, it becomes a bit easier for the bad guy to strike. That’s exactly what went down on Teen Wolf, where what started out as team work ended up complicating it all.

Stiles was already in the hands of his dad, but when things started to get messy and Chris Argent threatened to strike, Stiles vanished again. This time, to go talk to Kira’s mum and after stab himself on purpose, obviously for a bigger plan ahead. After hundred of bugs/fireflies came out of his wound, it was clear that trouble was hitting Beacon Hills again.

Each one of the bugs/fireflies or whatever they are got inside those within the team. The first one was Isaac, who left the hospital and showed up to Allison’s crib to let her know he was going to kill the twins. After Isaac, it was like dominoes, one by one they started becoming aggressive and very very angry. Derek tried to kill Chris and even the twins were against each other.

Everyone else is with Stiles trying to figure out how to fix him. Out of choices and desperate they call Peter. We all know how Peter operates, so nothing here’s for free.

Picture 21

Lydia and Scott had a little trip inside of Stiles’ mind to expel the idiot that’s got him hostage in his own body. In the trippy world of Stiles, Scott is with Allison and Lydia is at prom? It didn’t take long for both Scott and Lydia to get out of there.

Picture 23

Picture 22

What came next was a bit gross. Stiles wakes up and starts ‘puking’ bandages. Like a magician who pulls out scarves out of his hat, these bandages just kept coming out. It was the worst. Anyway, the bandages became a person, and that person was Stiles. The Real Stiles. The other one, who was puking is now gone… again, and so is Lydia.

Picture 26

Good to have you back sugar!

The Ninja’s Assistant



Within all the chaos, Scott and Kira still found some time to get romantic.

What is Scott’s mum hiding?

Loved it when Druid (Dr Deaton) taped Stiles’ mouth shut. Someone needed to do it hahaha



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