Twisted – Season 1 Episode 16 – The Son Also Falls Review

Picture 38

Now that Karen and Danny are finally free of Vikram, it’s seems simple to start over. Even more so when you have ten million dollars to spend. Unfortunately not everyone is so happy with Danny’s new lifestyle and those who were there for him slowly start to walk away.

Jo was the first one to decide she wanted to move on from all of it and put some distance. She wants to focus more on her future, school, etc and decides to go up for school president. Andie, Rico’s girlfriend is also doing her own campaign, so it was a bit tense. However, Jo is now bonding with Charlie so both of them take the election as a distraction from all the drama. During the proposals, Jo helps out Andie after she screws up her speech, and decides to tell the school she’s a better choice for president. Rico was impressed and Andie was grateful, after all it was her dream and she truly wants to improve the school.

Danny becomes a little gangster in no time. First, he bribed his teacher with money for the football team in exchange for a better grade in an exam. Lacey saw the whole thing and was not impressed. What really got her down was Danny taking her to a ridiculously expensive restaurant, booking the entire place and trying to show off. Lacey walked away after Danny tells her what happened and how Jo was there too. She thinks it’s always been about Jo and her and Danny are not really meant to be together. So that’s it for Lacey and Danny at the moment.

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Karen is bonding with Jack’s daughter Whitney, who could well be either a cool addition to the group or just disaster. She seems like a standard teenager, so we will give her a chance.

Charlie also told Jo some truths. He confessed he was in juvie with Danny, and he talked about getting out of there and killing his dad. He tells Jo to be careful because Danny might not be who we all think he is. It was scary and truth is, it made Jo doubt Danny. So much that when he showed up in her room she decided to confront him and finish it off with ‘you’re just like your dad’. Ouch.

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Next episode Danny might buy his friends back, who knows.

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