Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 18 – Rabid Review

Picture 73

Criminal Minds writers probably love to write the most horrific stories ever. This week was a reminder that the bad and the ugly is always out there, and if the episode was all about anger, we certainly felt that anger too.

A crazy person is kidnapping people at random, transmitting rabies and then filming the whole thing! First the team assumes it’s someone with a sick dog who is biting all the victims, however, when the bites turn human it gave them more of a reason to search!

What made this episode more horrible than usual was that this guy had a woman, a housewife, just there, infected and kidnapped along with a young man. Seeing another person transform from a normal human being to a rabid, furious beast is just horrible. Especially when they’re being filmed 24/7 and there’s someone watching the show. He would make them fight each other, it was just too much..

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It was also sad because rabies hits the brain in 24 hrs more less, so after that, there’s nothing anyone can do to help you. After the woman escaped and the team find her, it was too late for her. This woman was walking around a park with children, and she just looked like a zombie, it was horrifying! JJ’s spotting skills were on point!

Picture 77

The team discover that the killer had a brother who died of rabies. His parents killed him because they couldn’t bare the thought of seeing their child deal with a slow death. He worked in pest control and that’s how he had access to all the sick animals, etc.

Despite all the horror, the episode concluded with some fun bits as usual. Garcia and Reed are preparing for a fit test, and after being trained by Morgan, he tells them he tricked them and there is no test! Good times!

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