Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 7 – Im Just Not That Into Me Review

Picture 60

It’s time to re-assess in Chatswin! Everyone is making new decisions, and although some better than others at least there is novelty along the way.

Tessa goes to a college party with Lisa and Malik, and everyone ends up doing their own thing. She meets a guy and because they are so similar, they hit it off straight away. It wasn’t meant to last long because opposites attract, so when two people are too similar things get boring. It ended amicably I suppose.

Picture 62

Lisa wants to marry Malik and propose. That’s why she goes to George and ask for his advice, since him and Tessa’s mum got together when they were young. He isn’t very convinced about Lisa’s decision, but once he voice it to Sheila and Fred everyone is happy! It was a crazy twist, but hey this is Suburgatory and these things do happen, so at least there will be some wedding planning along the way!

Picture 65

Dallas is struggling to find herself, while Dalia struggles to find a new boyfriend. Dallas goes as far as getting rid of her make-up and heels! The make-ender had started and it had Dalia on the verge of going crazy.

Picture 63

Even though Dalia displays as much emotion as a cucumber, she did help her mum get back on track. After all, Dallas is her inspiration and she knows her better than anybody. It was back to heels and dresses in no time!

The Ninja’s Assistant


Our prayers have been answered and for once, everyone was around!

Malik is the Sasha Fierce to my Hova

The example George gave about Grilled Cheese. lolz.


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