The Middle – Season 5 Episode 16 – Stormy Moon

Picture 54

Stormy moon was definitely an episode about losing control and losing things. Once again, the Hecks are doomed for the worst when Frankie gets arrested. Apparently, nowadays you can get arrested for an overdue book. She had received plenty of letters warning her, however, that house is like a war zone so it’s impossible to keep track of things.

Frankie puts the blame on Brick, you know, because he reads the most. She forces the whole family to start searching for the book, and after finding nothing, she ends up in court. It was funny to find out that Stormy Moon is actually an erotic novel, so it wasn’t Brick’s for sure.

Picture 58

Sue was put to the test when Reverend TimTom introduces her to his new girlfriend. If any of you ever watched Happy Endings you will instantly recognise Penny as Reverend Tammy. Perhaps it’s not her fault but her roles always involve annoying singing and that type of personality where people are so positive you want to punch them. With Sue Heck it works, because she’s so clumsy and young, but Reverend Tammy is just a step too far. Anyway, Sue hates her but after witnessing a fight between the new couple, she realises that TimTom is happy with Tammy and that’s that.

Picture 53

Picture 55

Axel also deals with love after Cassidy shows up in town during spring break. They had a very passionate re-encounter but in the end they just left their separate ways. She made Axel a painting about their relationship and it was hideous, that was truly a stormy moon.

Picture 59

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