The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 18 – A Night In (Lou Ferrigno’s Hibachi) Heaven Review

Picture 67

When you’re stuck in a marital rut, the only way to crawl out of it is by going out and re-kindling the romance. That’s exactly what was going on inside Debbie and Marty Weaver’s mind, unfortunately their ideas were not in sync. 

Debbie wants to go out for a quiet, romantic, dinner. She wants to talk and you know, feel special. For Marty, making his wife feel special involves a night in a crazy japanese restaurant in the city. It was action movie meets sushi, and the music was so loud that all of Debbie’s efforts to connect were drowned by the noise of shouting.

Larry and Jackie decide to try some role play of their own. By the time they show up to the restaurant they are dressed as each other, and it was hilarious to watch them do impressions of themselves.Picture 70

However, they discover role play is about fantasy, not about themselves. They got bored and fetched the Weavers, who at that point felt so out of place that they left the restaurant.  Marty realises his mistake and greets his wife at home with a box of wine and a UB40 soundtrack. That’s romance right there.

Dick felt the tough side of romance when he falls in love with the babysitter. She plainly rejects him (because she’s 40), but Abby and Max cheered him up. His first human heartbreak and it came straight from a 40 year old woman. Dick is one interesting kid..

Picture 68

Reggie is back with his soulmate, and they did some role play of their own. It’s quick how these two are now a super couple. Only a few episodes ago he was mourning his break-up with Amber..

The Ninja’s Assistant

Larry saying ‘Let’s Bounce’ and ‘JJK’

Dick saying he looked like Marcia Cross


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