Helix – Season 1 Episode 11 – Black Rain Review

Picture 83

Turns out Sarah isn’t dead, and Peter’s visits around the facility are not at random. The Peter Army is assembling and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them! With Ilaria coming from the outside, and the inside full of infected people, it’s time to make a decision about how to proceed.Hatake decides to put little bombs all around the facility. Blow up the place and go hide inside a bunker under the facility. Surprise, surprise, the bunker is Jules’ cabin!

Scientists around have been kidnapped by Peter’s peers and the outcome isn’t pretty. Alan and Jules decide it’s for the best to take everyone downstairs to the bunker while they go and fight for their right to party. lolz

The vectors are smart little fuckers, they put black virus goo in the water system, and so all those healthy scientists were infected by Black Rain. It had an epic soundtrack, and that’s what makes Helix so different. Yeah, we will put a random happy song while people are dying just to make it that extra creepy. It was so much fun.

Picture 84

Sarah is back obviously, being her annoying super keen self. This time, her eyes are turning silver and she is changing, just like Jules I suppose. Welcome to the Silver Club!

Hatake and the team got tricked badly after Ilaria sent what appeared to be hundreds of soldiers. Wrong! There were hundreds of drones (that exploded of course) as a decoy so that a killer, Scythe, could come and kill them all.

The Scythe did show up and murder the remaining scientists in the elevator, which means that those in the bunker might wanna run. The Scythe is also super young, and has two hot female sidekicks. The Scythe is in, the vectors are in, everyone is in!

Picture 86

Picture 88

Jules didn’t destroy the virus, and although there will be consequences, right now there are bigger things to worry about!

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