How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 21 – Gary Blauman Review

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We’re almost there now! Only a couple more episodes to go until he meets his future wife properly. We started Gary Blauman with a flash forward to Ted and whateverhernameis’ first date. Why do they keep giving us flashes of them together when they could have already introduced her a season ago and had a slow build into them getting to know each other? Anyway…

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It turns out that all the guys have a Gary Blauman experience, some good, some bad. He’s another marmite character that you either love or hate! Robin freaks out because Blauman didn’t rsvp and she has nowhere to sit him. Ted locked into a battle with Blauman over a female once and lost, giving him reason to harbor some bad feelings. Lily loves Blauman. He saved her from getting an awful tattoo (well, something worse than she’s already got), and Barney hates Blauman. That only leaves James, who cheating on his husband with Blauman, and Billy Zapka, who loves Blauman because he appreciates his poetry. Ok, then….

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It was another typical HIMYM episode that seemed to waste twenty odd minutes with a pointless story. This story had a message though, and they got it across towards the end of the episode. Gary Blauman is the personification of either sticking together, or growing apart as friends. To the group he represents that they might all go separate ways after Barney and Robin’s wedding, drifting apart until they’re not really even friends anymore. We’ve already seen that they do stick together based on all the stories we’ve seen in the future, but it was more of a message to the general populous.

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There was also some evidence that the writers are finally starting to tie things up, and the montage we had at the end of Gary Blauman not only did that, but gave us some much needed closure on what happened to certain people from the groups past.

The Ninja


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