The Originals – Season 1 Episode 16 – Farewell to Storyville Review

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Picking up after last week’s huge cliffhanger was always going to be fun. They’re still faced off in the graveyard when they’re trapped there by Celeste. Elijah does his best to calm Klaus down. Not an easy job, that one. Still I was pretty happy to see what was going to happen.

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3 of the 4 harvest girls are back, and Davina’s one of them. She’s chatting to Cammie, talking about how angry the ancestors were at her for using her powers against her kind. Well, duh, Davina, they’re not going to give you a medal, are they? Camille’s trying to help her come to terms with things, but Davina’s a bit messed up at this point.

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The Originals stand-off comes to a head, Elijah takes the stake from Klaus, but only momentarily before Klaus used Papa Tunde’s blade on Elijah. After that he staked Rebekah, but didn’t kill her. This was the main build of the episode, and at the end of things Klaus told Rebekah to leave New Orleans.

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This also signaled the end of Rebekah’s character as very shortly after this episode Claire Holt decided to announce that she’s leaving the show. My first reaction was standard WTF? But then something more important came into my mind. Who’s going to be the female lead of the show now? Rebekah’s been with it for ages, and I can only think it’ll be Hayley that picks up where she left off. Davina and Cammie are the only other two major female roles in the show right now, but neither ‘s character is strong enough to replace Rebekah.

See you later Rebekah, thanks for the episodes!

The Ninja


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