Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 8 – A Knight to Remember Review

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It’s renaissance fair time this week with Baby Daddy. The show was just renewed for another season, proving that there’s a solid fanbase behind ABC’s comedy, and I for one am happy to see another season. Outside of the renaissance fair, Tucker’s dad comes to town and creates all kinds of issues, mainly because Tucker dropped out of law school years before, and his dad thinks he’s a fully fledged lawyer. Oops.

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Riley’s off work, so naturally Tucker steal her office to impress his dad. He enlists Ben to be his assistant, and the facade holds up at the start. Even when Riley comes bursting in and busts them, Tucker brushes it off and pretends that she’s his girlfriend. It’s the standard Baby daddy formula right now. Not only do the guys always get themselves in trouble, but Riley’s the one who either busts them or helps them out. The main issue Tucker’s got now is that he’s offered a job by one of his dads lawyer buddies, and has to come clean about working in TV. When he does come clean, things don’t go well.

I couldn’t help but think there a message in the episode about pleasing yourself or pleasing your parents. Tucker quit law school to follow his dream and work in TV, and as his dad disagrees, so do most so I was interested to see how it played out. After seeing Tucker at work his dad is proud of him, tying up the main story of the week.

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Throughout A Knight To Remember, Bonnie’s been giving Danny false hope. Riley tells Bonnie about a guy that she likes, who Bonnie confuses for Danny when it’s really a guy she met at Ben’s bar. They’re on the way to the Ren fair, with all the guys dressed up, when Danny’s confronted by another knight, they fight, and Riley realises it’s the guy she likes (go figure). Danny’s really excited when he thinks Riley’s into him, a sure sign they should get together. I’ve said it for weeks, and it’ll happen, trust.

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The Ninja


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