Brooklyn Nine – Nine – Season 1 Episode 20 – Fancy Brugdom Review

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Terry, Gina and Amy are doing a diet together this week, and they’re all finding it a little hard to handle. Boyle wants Peralta to be his best man, and Rosa’s got to deal with the aftermath of humiliating a fellow officer. Terry gets to focus (as usual) on team building, no matter how hard the diet might be.

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Boyle struggles to deal with the fact that Viv wants him to retire from the force and move with her to Canada and enlists Peralta’s help to deal with it. They go off food tasting and try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Captain Holt forces Rosa to apologise to the officer that made a complaint about her. The main issue: the fact that she can’t take it seriously. She essentially goes down and almost humiliates him again. Terry has to give her some advice on how to get around her issue and she pretty much fakes the whole thing.

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Gina causes mayhem with the diet. First of all she brings in the worlds biggest sandwich (not quite, but almost) and scoffs it down in front of the trio that have been living off half an apple a day. She loves winding them up, because after she’s done with her sandwich she comes back in later on with ice cream. By this point Santiago is caving, and they all pretty much give up on the diet. Terry, being the legend that he is only started the diet to support his wife, and thus kicks off the theme of the week.

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Fancy Brugdom was all about supporting one another through the tough times. The dieters support each other, Terry and Holt support Rosa in her apology, and Peralta supports Boyle. Jake helps Boyle talk to Viv about Canada, and all is well come the end of it.

See you next time, Nine – Nine,

The Ninja


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