Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 17 – Other People’s Children Review

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As usual, the Pritchett/Dunphys were all split up in different pairings for Other People’s Children. Jay cooks a big brunch for everyone, and they all bail on him to do different things. He’s reduced to asking Andy to stay and watch Basketball with him, obviously forgetting that Phil said he’d stick around and watch the game. Later in the episode he has some bonding time with Luke, and they do some shop work. Jay’s glad for it, too, because he knows that he’ll probably be too old when Jo gets to a similar age, so he’s happy to do it now.

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The girls go out to buy a flower girl dress for Lily, while Cam, Mitchell, Manny and Alex all go to a museum. Cam’s done his homework, because he’s worried that everyone else is much more cultured than he is, and it turns out they’re all trying to out do the person they think is more intellectual than them. The dress shopping goes badly, and Lily wants to buy a replica dress from the Beauty and the Beast, and in the end they have to cave and let her have it.

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Hayley waits all date for her date to turn up, and when he shows up at 5pm, honking the horn she lets rip and blows him off big time. What an idiot. She goes back in and starts talking to Andy. It’s not long before she’s saying, “there’s something about him,” setting up a probable love sidebar. She’s by far the character that impressed and surprised us the most recently, and it turns out getting kicked out of college was the best thing that happened to her. She’s grown up, and become much more independent, and more importantly, she’s making smart decisions. Good on you! Andy also bonds with Phil when they start making a version of Gravity, and they both go dibs for Sandra Bullock, lol.

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Claire and Gloria were an interesting combo. Stick them together more! They’re so different that it’s fun to see what they come out with.

The Ninja


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