The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 17 – Lame Gretzky Review

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You can’t get between Barry, Murray and Ice Hockey, can you? They’re nuts for it, and Adam is raining on their parade. He tries to play in the junior game, but is nowhere near as good as Barry. He scores an own goal and his dad is so embarrassed he can’t even watch his favourite team, the Flyers, without being reminded of it. Even Barry starts calling him Lame Gretzky.

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Barry turns around pretty quickly and teaches his brother a lesson or two, which is something we don’t see him do enough. He’s one of the best characters on TV right now, especially when he’s bouncing off his sister, but it’s nice to see him help his brother out a little more. He teaches him that hockey’s not all about skill, and wants Adam to play like an enforcer, who uses strength over anything else.

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Meanwhile, Erica is taking her SATs and Bev, as crazy as ever, fires her daughter’s tutor and takes on the role herself. Erica aces all of her tests, much to her mother’s surprise, and Bev goes to a whole different level of crazy. Now she realises her daughter is capable of going to a good college, it sinks in that she’s going to leave home, so Bev tries to sabotage her test by messing with her studies. Erica eventually confronts her mom. This is the thing The Goldbergs do best. They’re brutally honest about what a family is, people who are overbearing and don’t always get along. Even though they have the best of intentions, it doesn’t always show!

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Murray realises that he’s already got hockey to share with his one son, and makes the effort to spend more time with Adam. They make a short horror movie in the house and Murray has a starring role, and Erica nails her SATs with a 1300. The real shots of Adam’s dad in the horror movie in the end were just classic!

The Ninja


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