The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 14 – The Grove Review

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Wow! This has to be the best episode of the season so far. Not only because it was a great hour of TV, but because it was the kind of TV that ripped your heart and soul out and danced all over them, so that by the time it was up I had no idea what was going through my head.

Tyrese, Carol and the girls were by far the focus of The Grove, and when they stumbled onto that house I knew something bad was going to happen. The Walking dead won’t ever let anyone be truly happy, not for long, and it was obvious the happy family home life wasn’t going to stick around here for the long term, but I had no idea what was about to happen.

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I’m sure that Lizzie was messed up, and ever since her and Mika first came into the picture I knew it wasn’t going to be long before they died, but the writers found the worst way in which to do it. Lizzie killed her sister to prove to Carol and Tyrese whatever point she wanted to prove, that walkers are people, or something dumb like that. Carol and Tyrese had a tense conversation which ended in Carol taking the duty.

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Lizzie can’t be trusted, and is put down by Carol, who shot her while telling her to “keep looking at the flowers.” It was pretty f’ed up, but after my emotions had balanced back out I had to ask myself, would I want to be in the same room, let alone house as someone who shanked their own sister to death without feeling much remorse. The answer is hell no, so while I didn’t agree at first, now I’ve had time to think about it, I kind of think they made the right choice. It was only a matter of time before she put them in danger, or killed one of them in there sleep.

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After, Carol tells Tyrese that she killed Karen and David, and slides the gun over to him so that he can decide what to do. I wasn’t sure if she was just feeling shitty having killed Lizzie, but it seemed like more of a plea at the time. He forgave her, and even though it looked like he was going to grab the gun at one point, he stayed strong. There’s no point in splitting up right now. They need to get somewhere more safe! Big turning point for them here, and now, I think they’ll stick together.

Still feeling this one three days later!

The Ninja


One thought on “The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 14 – The Grove Review

  1. Agreed about the temporary happiness. Kirkman, both with the television series and the comic, has this ability to JUST get your hopes high enough to think there’s a chance of decent living during the zombie apocalypse, but then you remember that these characters ARE LIVING in the zombie apocalypse. As for Carol telling Tyreese at that particular moment, I feel it’s because she literally had nothing to lose at that point. They’d both just seen Mika killed by Lizzie, and Carol had to pull the trigger on Lizzie. Between those two and seeing Sophia turned, she’d lost three girls she could call her daughters, real or adoptive. She had enough burdens on her shoulders. Sure, it was super convenient for her to pick that time to tell Tyreese, though. Had she done it when Tyreese told her about seeing Karen in his dreams, I’m inclined to think he MIGHT have killed, or at the very least, raged out at her. But at that moment, like he said, he won’t forget it and neither will she. The fact that she killed two people that, like Rick said, might have lived, will stay with her forever. That may be punishment enough, but I get the feeling, given how tightly Tyreese gripped that gun, that he won’t fully let it all go. Not yet, anyway. Nice post.

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