Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 16 – The Wedding – Part 1 Review

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The name of the episode kinda gave away the theme for this week and next. Kate and Pete are going to tie the knot, but there’s a few other things to discuss before we get there. I could go on for days about the wedding videos that Kate found, especially when Pete married Jackie. That hair! Just a great 80s barnet! This was also an episode about how the kids in this dysfunctional family deal with their parents dating. They all seem to have been chill with Kate, but when it comes to there moms dating, it’s a different story.

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Jackie doesn’t want Bert to find out that she’s dating Steve, and whenever Bert’s around she’s extra careful. At one point she even called him the doughnut man. As if anyone bought that! Eventually she has to come clean and let’s just say Bertie’s not loving the idea of his mom dating. Maybe it’s because of his age, because Warren and Hillary aren’t upset when Diane gets her news out there. They’re actually kind of stoked that there mom is dating Russ. Maybe it’ll stop her from being so wooden. I like these new dynamics, and really hope Trophy Wife gets picked up for a second season just so we can see them play out. Steve (Ben from Ben and Kate), is a great addition to the cast, and a perfect match for Jackie.

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When Kate goes to file for a name change she finds out that she’s actually in the country illegally. This creates some issues because they’re now being investigated by the INS. If she fails, she’s back to Canada, and the stress ensues. They fly through the interview after a bumpy start, and she’s allowed to stay. No person in there right mind would get involved with Pete’s large family, and the interviewer is convinced.

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Another great addition to the cast was Kate’s mom who came to town for Kate’s wedding to Pete. She played a character everyone’s familiar with in Karen from Will and Grace, and by the looks of her short appearance at the end of the episode this character is not only a lot like Karen, but is crazy enough to get herself arrested getting off the place.

Should be interesting!

The Ninja


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