Parks And Recreation – Season 6 Episode 16 – New Slogan Review

Picture 2

The town of Pawnee has a new website! Leslie is using it to encourage all citizens to vote for a new slogan for the town. Although there are already a few options to choose from, Leslie ends up in the ditch when the slogan campaign fails after sabotage from Douche Nation.

Douche Nation is a radio show with two obnoxious hosts. Their passion for boobs and beer is bigger than anything, and after convincing their audience to vote for a slogan of their choice, Leslie has no option but to give up. Fortunately, the few citizens of Pawnee with common sense left, argued this insanity and the slogan was changed. A good moment of OCD for any grammar nazis out there, after the slogan was misspelled.

Picture 6

Picture 15

The search for slogans is not the only search around. Tom is looking at places for his new restaurant. After April hears the news that he might leave the office if the restaurant takes off, she sabotages all the viewings. Eventually she feels bad and helps him pick the best place!

Andy had a very unexpected surprise while scouting for acts for the Unity Concert. At a bar named Cozy’s Andy discovers that Duke Silver (sexy saxophone player) is actually Ron! So, without any choice left he corners him in his office and tells him that he will be booked for the concert. In true Andy style, Ron didn’t have much of a choice, so hopefully Duke Silver will be there to grace all women with his ‘sax’ appeal.

Picture 16

Good fun and a good laugh.

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