Revenge – Season 3 Episode 15 – Struggle Review

Picture 91

Things are getting heated in the Hamptons, so it was time to let someone go. Emily is on the verge of killing everyone, and with little choice left, it was up to Nolan to put things back on track.

Nolan seeks Aidan’s help to find Emily. She was about to go and murder everyone in a crazy rampage, but Aidan got there right on time and did what any good boyfriend would do: tie her to a chair and try to drown her. This is how they do it in their training I suppose. After some tough love she had all these flashbacks from her childhood and that was that, she was back, or so it seemed.

Victoria is ready to get rid of Stevie. Having her around makes her extremely nervous, and it’s only a matter of time until our beloved Vicky Grayson strikes with one of her lethal attacks. Unfortunately, Stevie isn’t Victoria’s only problem. Patrick had to be bailed out because of a fight he got into after talking smack about his dad. With no choice left, Victoria approaches Nolan to let him know that yeah, it was all pretty much his fault. Patrick being a killer and finding out the truth are Nolan’s fault and they need to fix it! Her solution? Patrick gets offered an apprenticeship in Italy with a famous artist. He left a voicemail and although Vicky was upset, she did orchestrate the whole thing.

Picture 94

Jack’s finding the news of Stevie being his mum a bit much, especially after she paid off his mortgage. Jack’s always the good guy, and in the world of Revenge, where everyone is on it for their own gain, it’s good to have someone who cares. He decides to tell everything to Emily, and that’s how it all started clicking in Emily’s head. Stevie had visited Emily’s dad in prison, but due to her alcohol issues she wasn’t very reliable at the time.

Picture 90

Nolan gave Emily a brand new box, replacing the old wooden one. This one’s pimpin’!

Picture 98

The Ninja’s Assistant


Daniel knows Emily is back with Aidan, so does this mean he’s gonna go around shooting people again?

Victoria was surprisingly underdressed this episode. The green dress was nice, but what’s up with the mum jeans?


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