Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 23 – Insatiable Review

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Well wasn’t this all very unexpected?! NO IT WASN’T. Long gone are the days where spoilers wouldn’t be everywhere, but that’s not why this ending was predictable. Through the whole season there has been a consistent element that never changed: Allison’s character had clearly been pushed aside.

This episode of Teen Wolf said goodbye to Allison with no regrets. She had served her purpose I suppose, and whether actors decide to leave a show or not, the writers should do better than just rush things like these. 

Everyone is free from the flies inside of them, so now it’s time to find Lydia. She’s been held captive by evil Stiles in an abandoned building. Stiles (the real one) feels really guilty about the whole thing, so they go to find Meredith, a girl who is in the mental hospital. She is like Lydia, so perhaps she can help them track her.

Meredith’s already made it to the school, where she freaked everyone out. Coach turned out to be a bit of a hero, rescuing Meredith from the evil doctors who wanted to take her. It was good to finally see him having some input, he seems to be the only human in that town who doesn’t know what goes on.

Kira and her mum are busy learning to play a board game. This is what the bad guy plays, and in order to restore things Kira has to win. There are different styles of play, and obviously this one was ‘Aggressive’.

Everyone figures out where Lydia is and rush to rescue her. Allison calls her dad, but since he’s not around she goes ahead and joins the group to finally end this.

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The Oni Soldiers beat the crack out of Isaac, and with her bow and arrow she tries to take them down. Once she does, she gets killed. Scott was there, so she gave a brief dying speech of how she was happy to die with her first love there, etc…

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It wasn’t great, but that was the end of Allison. She had already been pushed aside this season, and it was only a matter of time until something happened to her.  Even the twins have been around more. The death choice wasn’t really great, and with all the kitsunes and wolves and curses and board games, it just felt like there was so much more to explore.

So long Allison Argent.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Why bother pairing her up with Isaac in the first place?


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