Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 24 – A Is For Answers Review

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Now that the police got hold of Cece Drake, the truth about Ali being alive was confirmed. She told the detectives how she used to meet up with her, etc. This seems problematic not only for the police but also for the girls, Mrs DiLaurentis and of course, Alison.

The girls got to meet up with Ali again. This time, it was great because we got a bit of what we always wanted. A lot of questions were answered by her telling them the story of how it all happened. She knew someone was blackmailing her, so A had been around all this time. Also, she told them about a flash drive with what were compromising videos of multiple people.

The whole point of the episode was for Ali to give confirmation to her friends about who isn’t A. It isn’t Ezra, or Mrs DiLaurentis or Toby, or Mona or anybody! Also, Ali confirms it for Spencer, she’s innocent! But we all knew that already…

Ali gave the girls sleeping pills, and paid visits to all her suspects on the night she disappeared, just to make sure which of her acquaintances was A. When she went back home and she didn’t receive a text from A, she assumed it had all been sorted.

When Ali arrived home, her mum was staring out the window. She saw how someone hit Ali in the head, and assuming her daughter was dead, she buried her in the yard. How horrible, your mother buries you by mistake!

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The point is, the police is about to dig that grave and find what they think is Ali’s body. However, now A took matters into his/her own hands and put Mrs DiLaurentis in the same hole. Damn. She knew loads and wasn’t saying much, so instantly all the suspicions point to Jason. He did disappear, he wasn’t really in rehab, and who knows? Maybe he was using his free time to freak out his sister and friends, the suburbs can be boring.

A shows up where the girls are meeting, and with the police chasing a fake lead, everyone is freaking out. Spencer’s family is being questioned one by one, and with no sign of the girls, everyone assumes the worst. A showed up where Ali and the girls were meeting. He/she had a gun and started to shoot. Ezra showed up at the wrong time, and got shot. It was tragic, and with Ali still there, it was too much to handle. Hopefully she will be safe.

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The Ninja’s Assistant


Is Mrs DiLaurentis really dead?

Melissa knows who tried to killed Ali, and she told her dad.. Perfect timing ha?

Aria is going to lose it now, fo real yo!

1 word: MONA lolz

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