Twisted – Season 1 Episode 17 – You’re A Good Man Charlie McBride Review

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There is a battle going on between Danny and Charlie. A battle of secrets, lies and clearly Jo’s attention. As usual no one wants to believe Danny, and although this time his suspicions might be right, it’s too late. 

Jo has totally moved on from the whole  Vikram murder affair, she goes out with Charlie on a date to the food trucks (is that a thing?) and so they bonded and talked about their lives. Charlie took the time to tell Jo he had met Danny before, and so he told her this sobbing story of how after his mum died he just went on the wrong path. Could be true, could be false. What’s certain is that he is freaky.

Danny sneaked into Charlie’s room and found a picture of Jo,Lacey and Danny when they were kids. How is that not creepy? After Danny confronted him, he just pointed out how this town seemed like a good fresh start, etc. Again, more BS. It was bad because Charlie overheard Jo and Danny discussing Vikram’s murder, so now there is another person who knows the truth, and surely he won’t be the last to find out.

The drama doesn’t stop there. Karen gives Tess the adoption papers for her missing daughter. Tess also mentioned that whoever wanted to kill Vikram worked for him, so Karen starts to suspect Jack.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 14.16.48

She just went ahead and told him about how her and Danny knew about how he moved the body to protect them. Jack lost his marbles, clearly confused about the whole thing and kicked Karen out, ouch!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 14.18.06

Jack got arrested, Whitney kissed Lacey, and now we wait again..

The Ninja’s Assistant


What is Charlie really hiding?

Danny’s attempts to tell everyone the truth keep failing. Is Charlie just waiting for the right time to attack?


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