Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 16 – Blade Runners Review

Picture 27

Blade, running… running, blade..

This episode Sam and Dean had no choice (once again) but to work with Crowley. The king of hell is a bit off his game ever since the boys gave him human blood, so now he wants to get back on track and kill Abaddon once and for all.

In order to find the blade, the guys go in search of an ‘anonymous buyer’ who purchased the weapon. His name is Magnus, and as it turns out he was quite the collector.

Once the guys entered his house, everything was magical. The house was invisible to the human eye, and Magnus knew every trick in the book. He used to be a man of letters, just like Sam and Dean’s granddad, but obviously got kicked out because he liked the supernatural a bit too much.

Picture 25

Once he saw that Dean had the mark of Cain, he wanted to collect him too! So, of course it was up to Sammy boy to save his brother. Dean goes really crazy every time he holds the blade, but oh well, isn’t there always a price to pay? So, Crowley and Sam sneak back into the house and try to rescue Dean. Lucky them, he chopped off Magnus’ head!

To the boys’ surprise, Crowley tricks them and steals the blade. Their car has been raided, and they’re alone in the middle of nowhere without the blade. Boo.

Picture 23

Til Next Week

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