The Mentalist – Season 6 Episode 14 – Grey Water Review

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The working theory with the guys is that whoever killed LaRoche was someone with a grudge against the CBI, and so they start digging through all their old cases, putting together a list of all the most likely suspects. They link it to Ardiles and come up with no less than 12 suspects.

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After Rigsby and Van Pelt were attacked they’re brought in to work this one case as consultants. It was nice to have the original team back together, even if it is just for a while.

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Jayne meanwhile is being used on another case. There’s a body found on a fracking site. At the same time the other side of the old CBI team are ticking names off the list and narrowing their pool of killers. It felt more like the FBI were babysitting Jayne that anything else, in some king of a ploy to keep him away from the rest of the gang. One of the top suspects has a good alibi, he’s working with the police now in the robberies division, ruling him out totally.

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The cooperative is watching, whoever they are. Halbach is brought in as part of the list, and is followed when he’s let go.  He’s as creepy as ever, and something’s not quite right with him. Abbott and the guys quickly shut down The Cooperative, finding there guy at a gas station. That just leaves us with the scene where someone is closing in on Van Pelt in bed. We’ve been led to believe Halbach’s got something to do with it.


Not a bad episode at all, and it was nice to have the team back together. We can only assume that this is something temporary because it would be a pretty strange move to make after splitting them up only a few episodes ago. Either that, or Rigsby and Van Pelt are getting killed off. We’ll see next week,


The Ninja


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