The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 19 – Uncle Benjamin Review

Picture 39

Everybody is going on vacation. Destination? California!!!!!

The Weaver’s are off to visit Debbie’s mum. She’s not to keen to go visit, so decides it’s best to bring as many people as possible. She invites her neighbours to join in, and off they went on a well-deserved holiday.

Debbie and her mum have a bit of a rocky relationship, but it wasn’t until she arrived to meet her that she lost it. Debbie now has an adopted brother, Benjamin. Her mum pretty much adopted a kid out of nowhere, and Debbie is worried she will toss him aside just like she did to her.

Turns out Debbie’s mum just wanted to do things right. She wasn’t the best mother, but now she can be a better one. Even more considering Debbie turned out so well. 🙂

Picture 40

Amber and Reggie discover the curse of going on vacation with your ex. What started as a competition of who had the best new relationship turned into re-discovering their own. They might not be back together, but at least they’re friends.

Picture 42

Abby and her dad have bonding time of their own. After Marty’s attempts to make his daughter feel safe in the ocean, she’s just not having any of it. Abby is the best, sometimes little children’s characters can be extremely annoying, but somehow she makes it work. She’s a cool gal.

Dick got a tan, and Larry and Jackie joined the High Mile Club. That is, in alien terms, spending a whole mile inside of a plane bathroom. Oooh. Naughty


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