Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 9 – Go Brit Or Go Home Review

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So, back to New York and Baby Daddy we go again. In Go Brit Or Go Home, Danny’s been on the receiving end of some stick from a local journalist about his game. Riley meanwhile wants Ben to hang out with Philip in a bid to get them friendly, but also to get Ben to accept it and move on.

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Danny has a shock in the locker room when he finds out that his nemesis, Logan is actually a woman, and one that Danny finds kinda cute. Over at Philip’s office, Ben pretends to be Philip when a hot girl comes for professor type advice, and sets in motion his downfall for the rest of the episode. They’re banging on with this formula of late, and it’s getting a bit repetitive now. Danny sleeps with Logan, and Philip is drawn up for sexual harassment that is 100% Ben’s fault.

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Not only has Ben put Philip’s job on the line, but puts his chances of getting a visa in jeopardy, and good old Phil is reduced to asking Riley to marry him for the green card. When Ben hears that she’s considering it and has gone to file papers he flips and has to set it right. He cleans up his mess, just as Danny is sorting things out with Logan and all ends well. It was nice to see Tucker and Ben hang out with Philip, and they all got on really well. Maybe this is a way of putting the Riley and Danny storyline on hold for another season, but I hopew Phil stays around. He’s a much better character than Fitch was earlier on in the show.


Ben and Tucker need to stop impersonating people!


The Ninja


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