Brooklyn Nine – Nine – Season 1 Episode 21 – Unsolvable Review

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Holt’s had a little injury this week, and Peralta won’t give up until he finds out what happened. Holt tells him it was from hula-hooping, shows Jake the pictures and deletes them, telling him that no one will believe him. Cue one angry Jake Peralta! Boyle and Viv are trying to decide whether to move to Canada or not, and Santiago, even though agreeing to help Holt has booked a romantic getaway with her boyfriend.

Rosa and Gina bring Boyle in on their secret bathroom. They figure it’ll give him space away from the team to talk to Vivian on the phone, and it’s not long before he spills the beans about it. Scully takes it over, and by the time the guys catch his shaving in there the secret bathroom is ruined forever.

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Santiago was the one playing dumb this week. She told Holt that she had a dental emergency and couldn’t help the outreach project. In a comedic twist he sets her up with one of the best dentists around, and she has to go along with it. Just at the wrong time she comes clean, but only before the dentists confirms she’s got seven cavities. Keep quiet, Amy, you’d have got away with it!

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Peralta cracks an ‘unsolvable,’ a case that’s been going for eight years, but he’s not really happy. Terry chats to him in the bar, and after a few longing looks in Teddy and Amy’s direction the cats out of the bag. Terry knows hoe Jake feels, and I can’t help but feel that he’ll jump in and help Jake out. It’s been pretty obvious through this whole first season that Jake and Amy are going to be together at some point. To try and put it behind them, Jake and Terry get hammered.

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The Ninja


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