Grimm – Season 3 Episode 15 – Once We Were Gods Review

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Bit of a historical episode on the Wesen front this week, with the guys taking on what can only be described as an Anubis like Wesen. Nick and Hank go to visit Wu at the hospital. He’s still struggling to deal with the ramifications of what happened in the last episode, but he’s on the road to recovery.

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The guys are called out to a homicide, where a cop tells them that a witness described someone fleeing from the scene that looked like Anubis. There’s an inscription also, one that they later find out was a curse scrawled on the wall of Tutankahmun’s tomb. Go figure! There’s prints that lead them to someone on the terrorist watch-list, who’s MO is desecrating items in museums with graffiti. Portland’s very own Banksy.

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After a moment of Adalind’s baby, and whatever is going on there, the guys stumble onto Beati Paoli, a secret organisation of Wesen that go around protecting other Wesen so that their presence is never leaked to the human race. It turns out that in the sarcophagus is one of these Anubis like Wesen, who’s been mummified in his woge state. To stop this from getting out to the world the Beati Paoli send in an assassin to clear things up. They check out Aunt Marie’s trailer, where they find a video of the Wesen they’re after. This seems to be happening a lot these days, with any combination of Nick, Hank, Juliette and Monrosalee sitting around, leafing through Aunt Marie’s research.

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The royals are closing in on Adalind, with the writers doing everything they can to keep that side of the plot going. Meanwhile, someone from the council wants to talk to the Grimm. They don’t want the information about Wesen leaked, but don’t agree with the Beati Paoli’s methods. Nick gets there just in time and drops some Grimm knowledge on the Anubis Wesen.

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My favourite scene was Juliette goes to visit Wu. She sympathises with him, having been in a very similar situation herself and it was nice to see her giving something back. She had a really tough time adapting to Nick’s other world, and even though Wu is still in the dark, surely it’s only a matter of time before he figures out that all isn’t black and white.


A nice break from the usual Wesen stories,


The Ninja




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