Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 2 – Sakizuki Review

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The one question of everybody’s lips in Sakizuki is how does the killer choose his victims? We see one of the victims manage to tear himself (literally) free of his bindings and make a run for it. He almost makes it away safely, until he comes to the edge of the cliff and jumps. At least we know how they’re ending up in the water. Will’s still struggling to wrap his head around whats going on from the (lack of) comfort of his cell. Thanks for the shortened intro sequence!


Hannibal’s therapist has had enough of him and cancels their appointments going forward. She can’t help him further and is clearly terrified of him now she suspects he might be a killer. She even called him ‘dangerous.’ They still think the killer’s dumping the discards, but he’s not chucking the ones he doesn’t want away. Katz pays will a visit, something she’s chastised for by Crawford, and Hannibal resumes Will’s therapy.

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Will cracks the code, and is sure that the killer’s making a human mural, using different skin tones to create different effects. He also notes that every one of the victims is stitched together into a patchwork, and that ‘every body is a brushstroke.’ Katz is taking a long hard look at how culpable Will is for the murders he’s accused of. Will sees that Roland, the running victim from earlier, ripped himself free in order to run, and tells Katz to look at farms upstream from where they’ve found the bodies. It’s really interesting that Katz is doing what Will says, which must prove that she trusts Will and doesn’t fancy him as a cannibalistic killer.

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Hannibal gets to the farm well before anyone else, and has a little conversation with the killer. Tea time? I think not. By the time Crawford and everyone arrives Hannibal’s been and gone, without leaving a trace that he was there. Crawford’s blaming himself for pushing Will as far as he has, and Hannibal’s therapist tells Crawford that she’s ending her professional (and any other kind of) relationship with him.

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Katz goes back to Will who tells her that the killer was nowhere to be found, but Will spots a white man amongst the others in the mural. The killer is now a part of it, sewn in like everyone else, and we can only deduce that Hannibal did it to him. Anyone wondering where the victims missing leg is? On Hannibal’s chopping board, cause he’s making Osso Bucco from it. Meanwhile, Hannibal’s therapist comes right out to Will saying she believes him.


What did we learn in Sakizuki? Hannibal’s becoming arrogant, and no matter how intelligent a psychopath he might be he’s playing with fire. It’s as if he wants to be caught at this stage, because he’s enjoying the game too much. Only thing for him to do now is murder and bake his therapist for a cheeky midnight snack.


The Ninja


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