Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 17 – Galentine’s Day Review

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Oh, Leslie. Everyone’s favourite nutcase is really going mental in Galentine’s Day. She’s missing Anne Perkins and wants to audition every female she knows for a role as her best friend.

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After trying to bond with Donna and April, Leslie sets up a Galentine’s day brunch, where she gets all the ladies she knows together to kick start the auditioning process. Meanwhile, Andy and Ron go off to work together, and Ben, Tom and Larry go to seal the deal on the tents.

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The tent meeting doesn’t go as well as they thought it was going to, and turns out to be really bad. They figure there’s more than one tent shop around, but what they didn’t get was that the owner of the first shop owns them all. Oops. The deal collapses because of the addition of some seriously ridiculous clauses. Shauna is the only person who stayed to the end of Leslie’s lunch, and wins the vote by default.

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Ron is becoming a bit of a father figure to Andy, as well as to his own son. You can really see how the baby has affected Ron these days. He’s still the same old Ron when we need him to be, but he’s changing all the time. They’re developing a really nice little bond that takes us out of the silly for five minutes with some real feels.


Larry picks up on some code violations, and Ben stands up for him. Ben knows that no one likes Larry, and that they all poke fun at him all the time, but no more. Ben stands up for Larry, and risks the wrath of his colleagues and peers by announcing that he is Larry’s friend. It’s about time someone stood up for Larry! He’s always the focus of the jokes and it can get a little tiring.


All someone needs to do is stop April’s stupid looks at the camera. It was fun for a while, but now it’s just annoying!


The Ninja


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